Screen_shot_2011-10-13_at_10.16.44_AM.png (Free)
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus (Internet not connection not needed for dictionary & thesaurus
  • Phonec & audio pronunciation
  • Example sentences
ABC - Magnetic Alphabet (lite=free or $1.99)
(see video below)

  • Learn to Write
  • Spell Words
ABC Phonics (Free or $1.99)
  • Site Word Practice
  • Talking & Spelling Alphabet Flashcards
Phonics Made Easy ($4.99) Primary
  • Children will explore beginning and ending letter sounds, distinguish between
    long and short vowel sounds, pinpoint the rhyming families, work with letter blends, and more.
  • Includes audible pronunciations of sounds, animations, and special effects.
Accelerated Reading (free but you must have a login to AR)
  • Advanced book search using title, author, or quiz number.

  • Access to all your school's quizzes on your device.

  • Support for recorded voice quizzes
  • Login with your existing student username and password.
Teach Me: Kindergarten ($.99)
(see video below)
  • Spelling
  • Dolch Site Words
  • Addition & Subtraction
My Word! Reader ($4.99)* for young learners
  • incorporates word analysis, phonics, writing skills, word recognition,
    comprehension and spelling in a series of dynamic, engaging, and
  • delightful “word games” that are rooted in the easy-to-read, but sophisticated story,
First Words: Animals $1.99
  • For younger children or children with autism
  • Helps develop understanding of the relationship between letters and words.
  • Can use phonics or words
Long Vowel Short Stories ($.99) Primary
  • Long vowel book app teaches vowel sounds in an entertaining and fun filled way to keep the children engaged.
  • story narration
Word Wizard ($2.99) Primary
  • Kids can build any word or sentence using a Movable Alphabet and immediately
    hear the text they wrote, as well as verify spelling using the built-in spell checker.
Montessori Crosswords ($2.99) Primary
  • 300 word-image-audio-phonics combinations to help kids develop their reading, writing
    and spelling skills using the proven Montessori learning method
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Timed Reading (Lite version is free, upgrade to full version for multiple students)
  • Students read the story aloud with a partner/teacher.
  • Students are timed as they read.
  • Students are given their wpm at the end.
Phonics and Sight Words for Grades K-2Teach Me: Kindergarten