iPads, ELA, and the Elementary StudentMary Frazier
mfrazier@buhlerschools.orgDistrict Integration Technology SpecialistBuhler #313Keen Kutter B
2:30 - 4:00
Buhler elementary teachers and kids are deep into iPads. Join Mary as she demonstrates some of the ways that iPads can increase literacy skills and align instruction to Common Core ELA standards.

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Today's Meet - this will be our backchannel during this session and possibly afterwards. Please add comments or questions during the presentation. If you would like to recommend an app as we go through the ELA strands please add it in Today's Meet. This will be available to you for one week. You can print it out within the week so you can keep it as a resource. I'll add any apps or ideas that are recommended to this wiki.

Collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity should no longer be called 21st Century Skills. We are 13 years into the 21st century, these are now ESSENTIALS! It is essential that we focus on the 4 C's in order to prepare students for the future.

There are zillions (a little exaggerated) of apps! I'm sure by now you've found that many of them simply replace a worksheet or two. Mostly likely, however, they are more engaging, are in game format, have sound, are colorful, and give instant feedback. Those are things most of us love! Yet, these are at the bottom of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy - at the knowledge and application levels. To raise the thinking level of many of these apps (from LOTS to HOTS) they may need to be combined with another app or two. So rather than just show you tons of apps, we'll look at several and think about how we can make them meet more of Bloom's levels.
Apptivities. This site is an excellent resource for mashing up apps to create an awesome project.
Quixey.com - a great place to search for educational apps.

ELA Strand: Literature

Charlie Stinky Socks (free is very limited, $4.99 full version)
This story is a Fluid Environment. Everything you might need is in this story! It reads to the student, the student/teacher can read & record it, music, games, and more. It’s a whole package deal.

There are many stories like this.
iBooks (free and worth every penny!)

Store - Search for books in the Store - free & paid. If you lose your purchased books, you can still retrieve them under Purchased.

Collections - create as many collections as you need - possibly one for each subject and one for PDF’s.

Search - Demonstrate the book The Waves by Kdgs. Choose a word to define - search web for definition or search wikipedia. Search for Jojo to see where his name is in the book.

Demo The Talent Code. Show highlighting, searching, size of fonts, bookmarking, TOC, sliding page icon across the bottom to go to other pages, add note

APPLICATION: Have students color code with highlighting and/or notes. Yellow = setting of the story; Pink = character descriptions; Blue - beginning of the plot, etc. Then share in their small groups. See if there is consensus.

Or add sticky notes on new vocabulary, compound words, figurative language - whatever your emphasis is for the time period.

ELA Strand: Informational Text

iBird Lite
Look up a Northern Cardinal. Look at some of the features of iBird Lite - photos, range, glossary, sounds, facts, notes. Take your iPad outside and play a bird sound. See if you get any response! :)
Life Cards
Using the info learned from iBird Lite or any similar informational text, create a post card in LifeCards. Just like with any other project, give the students some parameters. What do you want them to learn from iBird Lite? Use LifeCards as the product where they show you they learned. Use Safari to locate and save Cardinal photos to their Photo Library. LifeCards will import photos from your PhotoLibrary.

ELA Strand: Foundational Skills (Grades K-5)

There are many, many, many apps on phonics, basic reading skills, spelling, learning letters, etc. Peruse the wiki page and the Symbaloo (at the bottom of the page) for these apps.
Timed Reading
A student will read the story with a partner/teacher. The app will time the reader. It is up to the teacher/partner to assist with words if necessary. At the end of the story you'll be given their words per minute.
QuickVoice Recording (free)
This is a very simple app. Students can record themselves reading and title their recording. The date will be added automatically. They can then listen to themselves reading. This would be a good tool to use to keep track of their reading fluency throughout the year.

ELA Strand: Writing
Show the Virginia video.
This is an app for journaling. Photos, videos can be added to their journal. Students can write journal entries for the school year, then save them as an ePub.
ePub = electronic publishing
For Mac users, ePubs can be created pretty simply in Pages.
PDF's can be saved as ePubs. Example: my Recipe Book. Download it on your iPad and save it to your iBooks.
iBooks Author is a free app for Mac users. In iBooks Author widgets can be added. Widgets such as audio, video, animations, quizzes, etc.

ELA Strand: Speaking and Listening

7825284 Poem Two Voices by David Stoner

Let's try using QuickVoice Recording for this poem using 2 voices. Or record your reflections from this session. Again, this would be a good tool for students to use to record their reflections of projects, of lessons, of their school day, etc. These can be emailed to parents or to the teacher.
ShowMe - add photos and label parts of the photo. Explore to find ShowMes that have already been created. Show the one called English - Finding and Analysing Theme.
Digital Storytelling - this topic belongs here and in writing. See the Writing page for instructions for ePubs.

ELA Strand: Language
fill in the blanks to make a complete, yet silly story. Have students create a story then leave out verbs, nouns, whatever is age appropriate, and have someone else fill in the blanks.
This is a great app for working with homophones, prefixes/suffixes, rhyming words. Have your students practice with homophones. Then open the app Corkulous and have them write sentences using 3 sets of homophones.

Finale: Please write a reflection on Today's Meet. If you don't have time during the session please add your reflection within the next few days.