See how the iPad helped Virginia, a 100 year old woman, enjoy reading and writing again!

These are some apps that will help with the writing process. Be sure and check out the Digital Storytelling page also for many apps that mash-up students' writing with multimedia.
myMemoir ($1.99)
  • A memoir/journal writing app
  • Searchable
  • Include pictures from photo library
  • Share as ePub or PDF
Kids Write Text Types ($0.99)
see video below
  • Each text type includes the structure/format, features,
    and examples.
  • Many ideas/writing prompts are provided to help get students started.
Essay Grader ($5.99)
  • Provide feedback on essays with this easy to use app.
Kids Book Report ($.99)
  • Summarize a book in this app
  • Includes setting, characters, problem, solution, my view
  • Share via email
  • A simple and elegant way to make a daily diary or journal,
    with extensive photo scrapbooking features.
Writing Prompts ($1.99)
  • Uses scene elements, words, sketches, colors, genres and writing types,
  • Database of 600 creative writing prompts
  • Four prompt generators: Scenes, Sketches, Texts and Words.
iBrainstorm (free)
  • Collaborate and brainstorm tool
Writer's Hat ($.99)
  • Idea generator
  • Student chooses who, what, where, when
  • Includes a Word Box option that gives nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs
  • Could also be used a Mad Lib type activity
MindMash (free)
  • Organize notes and thoughts easily and creatively
  • Add text and images to a sheet
  • Sketch freely on a sheet during Drawing mode
  • Resize images and adjust text area through pinching
  • Replace images and text by double tapping
  • Drag around bits of data to manipulate layout
Story Spine (free)
  • Use the story spine technique to write a story.
  • Creates a story from a variety of sentence stems.
iDiary for Kids (free for lite & $1.99 for paid)
  • Journaling platform
  • Text as well as drawings

Watch this video to learn about the app Kids Write Text Types.