The pages of this wiki (on the left hand side) are the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. We have attempted to align iPad apps with each standard. There will be overlap - one app may meet more than one standard. Please leave comments, suggest apps, or share your experiences in the discussion tab of the appropriate page.


I'm sure by now you've all heard, "There's an app for that!" There's an app for almost anything you might ever need! This wiki is an attempt to lasso in some of the language arts apps that match our new common core standards. If an app addresses a particular age/grade level we've noted that otherwise it is appropriate for all age groups.

Pages ($9.99)* Create, edit, and view documents
  • Create presentations
Common Core Standards (free)* Standards by subject, grade, and category (domain/cluster)
  • Math & ELA standards K-12
NeoReader (free) i-nigma

  • Reads QR codes
GoDocs ($4.99)* Solution for Google Docs
Google Apps for the iPad Web Site on Google Apps
PaperDesk Lite(free)
  • Note taking app you can share and print
  • Can upload to Google Docs
Good Reader ($4.99)
  • pdf reader
  • You can make annotations on the document
Corkulous ($4.99)
(video below)
Splice (free)
  • Video Editor
  • Splice together photos and videos
Penultimate ($.99)
(video below)

Video Camera ($3.99 on sale, usually $7.99)
Show Me (free) Also on Speaking and Listening Page
  • Record voice-over tutorials and share online
  • Drop your images from your photo library to write over or around
  • Lessons from the Show Me community
  • Has a directory of great tutorials created by Show Me community.
  • Click HERE for the ShowMe web site
Evernote (free)
  • Fabulous organization tool
  • take web clips
  • use your iPad as a document camera
  • send emails to Evernote
  • Syncs with all your Evernote apps
Educreations (free)
  • Turns your iPad into a writeboard
  • Record lessons & explanations
Explain Everything ($2.99)

Watch this video to learn more about Penultimate.

This video shows the power of Corkulous.


QR Codes - go to to create a QR code. Make a QR code for a site you'd like your students to visit. Print out the QR code and insert it in an appropriate location in a literature book. For example, during a Unit on the Underground Railroad you might have your students read Under the Quilt of Night. Add a QR code for this wiki on quilts which gives instructions for making quilt blocks using Pages.


Web Clips - For websites that are used often, you might want to make a web clip. A web clip is like an alias to a website. These are so easy to create that they can be added and deleted as the need arises.
  • Find the site on Safari.
  • Click on the share icon and choose Add to Home Screen.
  • Now your students can just click on the icon on the iPad screen and it will take them to the site.


Chomp Website that allows you to search not only the names of apps but also the functions. Keep in mind that while Chomp includes no-cost apps in its results, some require purchase.
Searching for Apps - Use these apps to search for apps on your iPad.
Appolicious (free)
AppTracker (free)
AppShopper (free)
AppsGoneFree (free)
Every day several apps are reduced to free for a limited time. This sends you notifications so you know what is free.

How to Get Apps from the App Store without Using a Credit Card


VGA Adapter - ($29.00) This is the adapter to connect your iPad to a projector.

Connection Kit - ($29.00) There are two parts to the connection kit. One part is a USB connector. Connect your USB camera cable to the USB connector to transfer your photos. The second part is for SD cards. Remove the SD from your camera and insert it in the SD connector. Transfer photos to your iPad from your camera.

caution.pngJust a word of caution on FREE APPS. It's always fun to get something for free! However, not everything that is free is good. Some of the free apps are down right annoying! Sometimes the screen goes white and you're taken to a web page - right in the middle of your app! Other times inappropriate ads pop up! Ugh! A vodka ad has been spotted many times on some of the primary level handwriting apps! Download the free apps or lite version to test the app for its appropriateness to your content and to your students. Look closely at the ads and notice if there are other hindrances - things that you can easily handle but may be annoying or confusing to students. Consider purchasing the full app if necessary rather than using the free version.